The following are just some of BrandME Marketing’s client partners, past and current. Contact Us for specific account or project references as well as detailed client contact information.

Feel free to visit client partner websites for more background via the logo links provided. BrandME only works with ME-based small businesses or non-profits on either a short-term project basis or a longer-term retainer structure. We do have a non-profit rate and also regularly review pro bono, trade, equity share, and other creative partnering opportunities in the marketplace. We like underdogs! We are ready to help!

Please Note: We purposely have excluded any creative samples or show-and-tell from our website. In short, we believe assessing the fit of a relationship is far more important at this stage than showing off a bunch of creative via a host of BrandME strategic partners you might hate or love. We would be happy to share a ton of client work samples with you at an appropriate time. Better understanding your needs so we can then match the right samples and resource partners to you is paramount. To see some work, let's have a meeting!

If you would like to learn more about being a BrandME client partner, please take our Free Brand Survey or e-mail BrandME founder and director, Don Russell today! Thanks.


Haven's Candies & Chocolate Logos

BrandME Marketing loves chocolates, Haven's Candies chocolates that is, especially the luscious Maine Blueberry Creams! BrandME has proudly acted as Haven's Candies out-source part time marketing director for years. We help manage marketing, research, advertising, web, e-mail, cross partner promotion, public relations, and other actions. Collaboratively, we have enjoyed many successes and challenges. Being a small Maine business is no easy thing. Being a successful small Maine business is even tougher. Haven's Candies is one of Maine's cherished and most successful small business brands, since 1915. Our shared commitment with all BrandME clients is to drive optimal value and maximum results.

"I think full service and more expensive ad agencies are a good fit for many businesses, there is a lot to like about them. But as an owner of a three-store legacy Maine candy company, and a member of the Maine Merchants Board, I think my business is one of many, many Maine businesses that make perfect sense for a support partner like BrandME Marketing. The consultancy model and its clear advantages are a much better fit for my business than the agency approach, doing it alone, or hiring an internal staff member. In Don Russell and his associates I have a trusted adviser, implementer, idea-generator, value-adder, brand manager, results-driver, cheerleader, and friend. That's a lot of people, so I definitely get my money's worth!"

- Andy Charles, Haven’s Candies

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The lesser known, nearby 'sister' lighthouse to the great Portland Head Light, Spring Point Ledge Light was in need of some public relations support as well as greater attendance at their Open House tour events through out the summer. Through a multi-pronged guerilla marketing approach, on a shoestring budget, BrandME Marketing helped SPLL Trust achieve significant new and sustained media play, while dramatically increasing their attendance rates. Even more importantly, BrandME began the process of a self-funding marketing strategy that will help the organization in many ways years to come.

"As Don said, when you are America's only publicly accessible and tour-able caisson lighthouse, with breath-taking views of Casco Bay, and a rich history...we got a good story to tell! Our overall awareness and Open House attendance has increased - and I especially like the cost efficient ideas and goals of helping the Trust find new ways to fund raise through innovative donor sponsorships."

- William Berman, Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse Trust

PeoplesChoice Credit Union

Androscoggin Bank

Portland Mattress Makers

Cosmetic Enhancement Center of New England

Age Management Center

World Gym Portland

Planet Fitness


Three Rivers generated nearly $50,000 in new revenue through a BrandME supported e-mail marketing campaign. Internal tracking has isolated that promotional partnerships, developed by BrandME, with nationally known beer brands and restaurant chains have increased Three Rivers brand awareness regionally and directed new customer acquisitions. A most recent Mall marketing trial program administered by BrandME was a major success at a high net return due to a well negotiated low cost of entry and other added benefits tied to direct marketing, POS, and trade/event promotion.

“Don Russell is one of the best street or guerilla marketers I have ever met, and I have met a lot. His creativity, his passion, his flexibility for his clients is legendary. BrandME continues to help us fight the good fight in a highly competitive space with consistent results. I’m glad they are in my fox hole!”

- Joe Christopher, Three Rivers

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BrandME’s retained relationship with Pine Tree Networks has been a unique and mutually beneficial partnership. Unlike most BrandME clients, Pine Tree Networks has a highly qualified, full-time marketing director and staff in house. Thusly, BrandME’s role is focused in the area of marketing consult, copywriting, customer and market research, creative consult, some vendor coordination, and promotional partnerships. BrandME recently assisted on a holiday DSL offer campaign that was the most successful in the company’s history to date. BrandME’s role in coordinating and then leveraging customer after care surveying has proven helpful in increasing customer satisfaction as well as buyer interest in bundled products and other services.

“If you are a Maine based small business or organization that has marketing challenges and needs marketing support, whether it’s soup to nuts because you have no internal resource, or very select needs like us to augment existing staff time and talents, I strongly recommend you explore a possible fit with Don Russell and his BrandME team.”

- Trevor Jones, Pine Tree Networks


Don Russell was President of the Waterfront Market Association in South Portland, an important and diverse non-profit organization, representing the interests and concerns of well over 150 businesses and organizations on the South Portland peninsula. Don is an active part and visionary leader of a growing and revitalized downtown economy that includes the mixed use vibrancy and developing potential of areas like Mill Creek, Legion Square and Knightville.

“I can’t think of a better, more energetic, and qualified person for this important business organization as we help usher in a brighter future for downtown South Portland. I also wouldn’t be the least surprised if you looked up the word ‘communicator’ or ‘advisor’ in Webster’s Dictionary, and you’d simply find Don’s picture alongside with no definition needed.”

- John Ely, Ely and Associates, WMA Member

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Casco Bay Brewing was positioned as a lead sponsor in a charitable event that was instrumental in the brewer’s ability to capture a new, strategic account in downtown Portland. Providing non-traditional approaches to clients that lead directly to meaningful results is a big part of what BrandME does.

“I feel as if BrandME is a strong advocate of ours, looking out for our best interests regardless of the net return for them. They showed such in their direct involvement in our acquiring a key account and featured position at a high-volume Freeport eatery, and then again in Portland at an important club venue for us. Simply, they gave a damn, which means a lot to any small business.”

- Bryan Smith, Casco Bay Brewing


3 R's turned to BrandME to help support some vital PR and awareness needs in the market. As one of Maine's most cherished nonprofits, the organization had gotten little sizzle to match their substance -- freely donating millions of dollars in valuable supplies to schools and teachers through out Maine, while saving tons of unwanted corporate trash from the dump --. Their two-edged mission of corporate waste recycling and needed school supply donations deserved a greater voice. BrandME was able to help secure multiple media hits, including major features on TV and in dailies. General brand awareness and donations increased. Ruth's moved into a new facility and is better poised for a bright future. The story was there all along, we just helped move it down the track and help shine some light on a Maine treasure.

"Partly on his own, partly through his and our relationship with Haven's Candies, Don and his team took us on as a pro bono account and helped from day one. His communications advice, support referrals, friendship, and even recruiting other pro bono partners to work on issues for us, has been welcome and appreciated."

- Ruth Libby, Ruth’s Reusable Resources

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Berry Talbot Royer's new information brochure focuses on the value of commitment, trust, and communication in Maine's premier CPA firm. BTR is also proud to be named as a Best Place to Work in ME for now two years running!


Click here to email a request for contact information on any past or current client reference. Additional resource partner references and their contact information is also available. BrandME also welcomes any requests you have for client work samples, creative examples, or more client case study information.

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